Hate or Love?

The Bride’s story:

This is my story. My sad story. I am going to get married. I am going to get married to the guy I love. I am going to get married to the guy I love and I am not completely happy. You see, us girls start dreaming about this day ever since lets say end of teens. We start fantasising on the way we would get married. How would you feel if you had to marry in a register office ? How would you feel if your teenage dreams of a grand wedding with you being the star of the show are taken away from you? And why ? Because I want to marry the guy of my choice. I have to fight with my dad. I can feel his tears when I see his face saddened and burdened by my choice in life. I have to leave my mother, who has been my companion in this life. She has taught me how to be a woman and when I am finally fulfulling my womanhood, she is not around to protect me. I have to ward off all my relatives. I have to be strong to separate from all of them. And why ? Why should I do this ? Because I want to marry the guy of my choice. My relatives curse me. My mom hates me. My dad is ashamed of me. And worst of all, my guy is still hesitant. He is still not sure whether we are doing the right choice. He does not understand that he is not alone in this fight. I am with him. I am there in his heart , mind and soul. However, he thinks he is alone. He is still trying to ward me off. And tomorrow morning is my marriage. And I am the bride. And I am sad. I am sad because being the bride I have to convince the groom that he is the groom. I am sad that on the eve of my marriage, i am standing near my window sill, narrating my thoughts to this near-white moon. For they say, moon signifies romance. And I am sad today because of romance. Romance has caused hatred amongst humans. Is Love so bad ? Is it worth it ?

The Groom’s story:

I am the groom. I am supposed to wed my love tomorrow. But I am not happy. I am not so good with words. I am not so proper in expressing my thoughts. But I want to pour it out to you. Because, I do not have anyone else. I have lots of friends but none who support me. My dad is not talking to me. My mom has decided that I do not belong to her. My cousins do not entertain me anymore. I am an out-cast in my own family. I wanted to marry and bring home my bride, introduce her to my whole family and live happily. Now, I do not think even I am welcome. I feel like running away. But I cannot. I cannot not because I cannot. I cannot because I cannot bear to see her eyes swell up with tears. I want to marry her. But I feel bad marrying her now. Why? Because now, if I marry she will not be the heroine in my family but the vamp. She will join me in being the outcast. What right do I have to give her the life of an out-cast. I have tried my best to convince my family. I set up a date with the register office in the hope that somehow my parents would come around and either kill me or side with me. Neither has happened. I am sullen, drunk and alone. She does not understand my definition of alone. I am not asking much. I just want my people happy with my decision. I do not know if I can marry you with half heart. I do not want to be a burden to you. I am confused. I need a solution. I am not a big romantic but she always smiles and points to you when we are walking during night. She tells me you are the biggest romantic in this world. So help me Moon. I am just a room away from her yet it feels like a world apart.

Moon’s story:

I have seen you together for so many years. I have seen you hold her hand. I have seen you pinch his cheeks. I have seen you both blisfully in love. I know you love each other dear. Yet your minds are clouded. Your minds are clouded by hatred. Your minds are clouded by hatred of human beings. Humans desire control. Humans love manipulation. Humans love agony. And they loving testing each other just to see the other’s strengths and weaknesses. There is one thing constant in humans. Their love to test you. I can see that the bride is a perfect choice because she has been naturally selected , through the trials of being in love and maintaining that relationship for this many years. Yet. Humans indulge in checking their compatibility through how much I rotate and where me and my enemy( The Sun) are present. Also they seem to be interested in the various other planetary bodies. And I wonder? Are these humans planning to live in outer space to be bothered with all this. All we do is reflect the light we receive and that has made us so important to you ? I know that the groom would very well be happy with his bride even without his family but not the other way round. Yet he talks to me trying to make me convince him that he should let go off the girl because he is worried of his family. Oh human. When will you realise that one thing that is more certain than an Indian Love marriage problem is that Love truimphs hate Always. (Period). Love wins. If your whole family runs on hatred and that hatred is your love then I would say you should hold on to your love. Love is more precious. I am not saying that because you choose Love , you are going to have a rosy life. But choosing love takes guts and determination in face of adversity. If you choose to walk that path, you are already a winner. I know me not being a human is easy to throw off big words combined together in the same sentence. To Live your life I would not dare. But I wish you all the best and will do my best to light up your path in the nights no matter what path you choose.
Because to me , you both have shown by your choices in life and love that you are already winners.


12 thoughts on “Hate or Love?

  1. Nice post .. i think this is life .. this is how it works .. We see dreams but not all dreams come true. We need to compromise on something. We dont get everything we want .. and we need to face consenquences of what we decide and what we do .. i think this is life .
    Thanks ..

    • thanks ck.
      btw its a tribute to those who dare to love in face of hatred.
      I believe you are familiar with this phrase
      ‘ Its a small time we spend in life. Why waste time on hating others ?’

  2. nice read but i personally feel this post is a little biased towards a couple’s love for each other. this isn’t a question of love. it is a question of choice and compromise. while the pair’s decision to get married and make a life is commendable, it is not fair to condemn the act of the families in not accepting their choices. if u argue that the families each do not love their son/daughter enough to come to terms with their decision, then one may also argue in favour of the families, for the son/daughter not having loved their respective families enough to sacrifice a personal choice for their collective happiness. there can be no judgement. there can only be choices. and like it or not, someone has to make them. either party can be blamed for not being magnanimous enough.

    • nethra – your comment alone has enough material for a blog 🙂
      i guess it is based on choices .however if your family is not kind enough to consider your proposal then i think your love is your choice or lets say the way out.
      of course i am not in any way suggesting throw family and run away. my point is this story comes down to a point when you have tried everything and all your attempts only ends up driving both the families away from the two of you. in that case love is your only saviour

  3. NM, no words to express how much I loved this post.. not because you support the couple’s point of view(read couple of comments above).. but because your words were like a beautiful song.. it just flowed and flowed and i was sweeped along with it!! I have to call you for this!!!!!! and i have to share this post on my blog please..!!!

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